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Frequently Asked Questions

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Data Migration

We offer data migration services for any system that previously used an electronic register (either another software provider or microsoft excel).


Strong Room has currently got approval from all relevant state Department of Health

Support Hours

We currently offer support between the time of 8am to 7pm – 7 days a week to ensure your pharmacy is working at maximum capacity.

Hardware Integration

Our software currently integrates with all industry standard label printers, webcams, and electronic signature pads.

Contract Durations

Currently, we offer monthly or annual subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription giving 30 days notice prior to the end.

What hardware requirements do I need?

You will need an operating system of Windows 7+ with a 64 bit processor.

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Getting Started Checklist

Learn all the things you need to learn before getting started with your software. We’ll cover you in all the steps. Starting from hardware installation to software integration with existing tools. This is the starting point for new customers.

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