Pharmacy Unleashed

Unleash specialised services in your pharmacy with our new 3-in-1 software that includes drug register, staged supply, and opioid-replacement features, resulting in maximised automation.

*Software has been approved across all states in Australia.

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Intuitive and Easy

Here are just some of the features to expect with our medication management software. With time-savings guaranteed, you will spend more time caring for your patients.

Patient Alerts

Find out which patients have missed their dosage, have low balance, or are expected for the day

Automated Patient Verification

Using the power of A.I. Facial Recognition, cut hours from your busy pharmacy to focus better on patient care and positive outcomes. Useful for locum and casual pharmacists.

Powerful Reporting

Our reports are dynamic and intuitive, allowing for better decision making and easier legal compliance.

Automated Stock Management

Easy to use stock management with an easy yet wide variety of action points to let you know how much stock you have left.

Regular and Secure Back-ups

Our software automatically backs up your data everyday at a time you choose for no extra cost.

Multiple Terminals

Connect to unlimited terminals for free! Maximise your workflow through easy access.

Pricing plans

Choose your modules

Pay for only the services you need for your community.

Pricing Ranging From

Billed Monthly

$10 - $150

Pricing ranging from

Billed Yearly

$120 - $1800