What We Do

Strong Room is a boutique Medical IT Solutions firm aimed at creating innovative and integrable products for clients.


Built in-house with quality coding and development practices, our company works with clients to create solutions that are integrable on different platforms.


With security as an important priority. Our customers can rest assured that all solutions will be built with the highest level of security.

AI Facial Recognition

Specializing in AI Facial Recognition for its medical products, Strong Room is a pioneer in merging AI and Medicine.

Our Vision

Through the creation of the most comprehensive, efficient and advanced global medical ecosystem, we strive to contribute to transform human life and medical practices.

Our Story

Strong Room was started by two childhood friends who wanted to make a difference in the world around them. After in-depth research in the medical sector, they found that applications created for the medical industry are overcomplicated and fragmented, creating unnecessary inefficiencies and discouraging  meaningful integration for medical professionals and patients. The friends thus set to deliver products that are secure, easy-to-use, and that increase efficiency and quality of life. 


Strong Room are currently looking for strategic partners within Australia and across the globe. Please contact office@strongroom.org.au for any queries.

Ayonix Corporation

AI Support

Ayonix Corporation is currently a world leader in AI Facial Recognition. Based in Tokyo, Japan Ayonix works with Strong Room to ensure the technology is fast and precise.


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